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Gobal Business Company Category 2

It is defined as a Mauritius registered corporation conducting business outside Mauritius. A Global Business Company Category 2 can carry out most business activities but only with:

(a) non-resident and

(b) in currencies other than the Mauritian Rupee


It benefits from a flexible legal regime. Companies interested in invoicing, marketing and international trading activities will often establish GBC2 companies.

A GBC 2 should have a Registered office and agent in Mauritius, and its register of members, directors and secretary must be filed.


A GBC 2 is not tax resident in Mauritius and therefore cannot enjoy from the DTA network. It is totally exempt from paying taxes in Mauritius.

An annual Financial Summary (unaudited) must be filed with the Financial Services Commission (FSC) within six months of the balance sheet date.


A GBC 2 can engage in any business activities other than the following:

· Banking

· Financial Services

· The business of holding or managing or otherwise dealing with a collective investment fund or scheme as a professional


· Provision of registered office facilities

· Nominee services

· Directorship services

· Secretarial services or other services for corporations

· Providing trusteeship services by way of business.

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