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Gobal Business Company Category 1

A resident corporation which proposes to conduct business outside Mauritius may apply to the Financial Services Commission (FSC) for a Category 1 Global Business Licence.

It can be organized as a collective investment scheme, global fund, protected cell company, a trust or an investment holding company.

A GBC 1 is considered to be a tax resident in Mauritius and therefore can take advantage of the DTA network.  A GBC 1 company is liable to Mauritian Tax at 15% on its chargeable profits. It is entitled to a tax credit amounting to :


a) an automatic 80%, or


b) the withholding tax paid, or


c) the deemed tax credit


which ever is higher, resulting in a maximum effective tax rate of 3%.


It can access Mauritius' network of 43 Double Tax Avoidance Treaties (DTAs) and carry out any business activity such as:

· Asset Management

· Credit finance

· Custodian services (non-CIS)

· Distribution of financial products,

· Factoring, Leasing

· Occupational pension schemes, pension fund administration, retirement benefits schemes, superannuation funds

· Register and transfer agencies

· Treasury management

· Ship and aircraft registration

· And such other financial business activities as may be specified by the FSC.


Benefits of GBC 1:

· Low tax rate & Generous tax credit

· Access to tax treaties

· No withholding tax on dividends, interest

· Free repatriation of profits, capital and interest

· No estate duty, inheritance, wealth or gift tax

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